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As India evolves into a cultural potpourri, with people from across India and the world moving here, the Indian culture is now endorsed and celebrated globally. An integral part of this glorious culture is its nutritious mouth-watering cuisine, with a legacy of flavors and recipes – engineered thoughtfully, for every season and occasion.

What truly entitles these timeless recipes of Indian to a global acclaim is the assortment of spices & dry fruits that go into & after cooking. They are a good reflection of what the spirit of Indian ethos embodies. Indian spices are full of taste, full of health and full of life! They are a medley of sweet and sour, fiery and robust, bitter and tangy, sharp and savoury and many more. We here, at 5K Udyog provide you with spices, dry fruits & other products (pasta, soya, poha) that give you the unique yet amazing taste at affordable prices!

What started over years ago with the vision of Mr. Manoj Agarwal,  has now blossomed into a modern enterprise with a family of employees, Super Stockist, distributors and retailers across India. With the same passion and efforts, fuelled by your continued love and support, we will always keep bringing to you the real taste of  India.


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